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This website is family owned and operated.  As such, allow us a moment to tell you about our beloved mother.  Our mom was a hard worker and a multi-talented entrepreneur with several successful businesses to her name. She was a kind, warm-hearted woman who was always there for her parents, her husband, her brother and her four children.  A good cook and an avid tennis player, she was seemingly in great shape. She loved to dance, to ride her bike and to exercise.  She was a Mom when one was needed and a great friend when one was not.  She was always there with a warm shoulder and a sincere caring heart.  She was a pillar of strength to all, active in numerous charitable organizations and always on the go.

That is, until one day, she woke up with a persistent cough. She went to a doctor who did some tests and discovered that she was in the late stages of lung cancer.  Of course, she immediately stopped smoking, but it was too late. Mom died a few weeks later at the age of 56. This site is published by those who loved and miss our Mom very much.  She was the guiding light in our lives and an inspiration to those who knew her. We took our quit smoking message to the web to reach out to the millions of smokers who, like Mom, had heard that tobacco and cigarettes were dangerous but think that bad things only happen to "other" people. This educational cessation website is intended to demonstrate that cigarette smoking is indiscriminate as to who it kills.  Some of her grandchildren never met Mom and will never know first-hand just how wonderful a woman she was. Our family has never been the same since cigarette smoking took Mom's life; and, while it is too late for us and our immediate family, it is our sincere hope that this quit smoking message -- and the countless hours of work we have devoted to this smoking cessation site -- will reach you in time to make a difference to your family and to those you love.


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