Cigarette Addiction is not fiction.

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The more you try,
the sooner you die.
Quit before you fry:

  • Heartheart with cigarette addiction
  • Lungslungs with cigarette addiction
  • Stomachstomach with cigarette addiction
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    skin is an anti-cigarette addiction, educational forum covering the many health hazards associated with cigarette smoking, tobacco usage, underage smoking and tobacco illness. Cigarette smoking complexities include lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and, often, an agonizing premature death. contains popular tobacco discussions and information about cigarette smoking, cigarette smoke, smoking danger, tobacco related news, lung cancer, quit smoking tips, underage smoking facts, tobacco illness tidbits and, among other smoking cessation features, misleading tobacco ads. Smoking cigarettes for as few as five years can have a permanent effect on the lungs, heart, eyes, throat, urinary tract, digestive and reproductive organs, bones and joints, and the skin—even if the smoker quits. Nobody should want to find out how bad things can get for those who do not quit smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes and second hand cigarette smoke are dangerous. If you smoke, please quit now — before you are diagnosed with a smoking related disease. Quitting smoking is not easy. Nicotine dependency hijacks the same brain dopamine pathways as illegal drugs. Nicotine is as addicting as heroine or crack cocaine, because it creates a sense of euphoria or relaxation, depending upon how it is inhaled. The sensations are very misleading and they are purposefully created by the manufacturer to produce cigarette addiction. The more cigarettes that are smoked, the more nicotine that is needed to satisfy resulting craving. Nicotine defines smokers. Nicotine leaves smokers believing that quitting would mean endless suffering and feeling deprived. Nicotine withdrawal is real. It produces anxiety, irritability, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, cravings, headaches and other unwelcome symptoms. Be stronger than nicotine is. Make a plan, then follow it to a smoke-free life. Learn more about beating addiction:

cigarettes are hard to quit.