Those who think
they are immune


are very sure
to change their tune.

cigarette breath roulette

There is death
in every breath.

cigarette breath death
Cigarette Breath.


Cigarettes cling to a smoker’s breath. Cigarette breath does not stop at a smoker’s mouth. It penetrates to the lungs and skin. Brushing teeth and using mouthwash are not enough to fix this problem. Smoking causes smokers’ mouths to dry out. The more cigarettes smoked, the drier it gets. Drinking water after every cigarette is not likely to rinse the stench away. Cigarettes also damage taste buds on users’ tongues. Are you losing your appetite for cigarettes? If not, does it help to learn that smoking doesn’t just turn teeth yellow? it also causes periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is not just painful and a cause of bone and tooth loss. It also impacts the way you chew and how your bite aligns. Smoking reduces a body’s ability to fight infection while increasing the risk of oral infections. Cigarettes also delay healing when smokers face extraction or cosmetic dental interventions due to smoking. You do not have to inhale to suffer these effects. Smokeless tobacco (snuff or chewing tobacco) is associated with cancers of the cheek, gums and lining of the lips. The chemicals in tobacco products cause a gradual mutation of the cells in your mouth, which may eventually end in cancer. If you still are not willing to stop smoking to reduce your risks, be sure to make regular visits your dental office. Your dental team can examine your cheeks, tongue and throat for any signs of conditions that may need medical investigation and intervention. If you are not convinced you should stop smoking for your own health. Consider those around you. Cigarettes stink and they make unpleasant company of smokers like you! Second-hand smoke also kills.

cigarette is not healthy.