A losing bet
is cigarette.

cigarette debt smoke

With cigarette
comes huge debt.

cigarette debt cards

Toss and turn.
Feel the burn.

spinning cigarette debts

Had John not smoked, he might have been able to afford a real one. Of course, it would have cost him more to clean and maintain it. Besides, any car owned by a smoker is likely to face a lower resell price. The stench is difficult to clear completely.

cigarette debt transport

It is hard for the average smoker to wrap his or her head around the billions of dollars of cigarette debt incurred by individuals and by the government on this addiction or on the resulting healthcare problems. WalletHub comes to the rescue with the financial cost of smoking to individuals on a state-by-state basis. Because the average price of a pack of cigarettes varies widely around the country, the lifetime outlay varies greatly from state to state as well. In all cases, though, the data gathered by WalletHub prove that smoking is quite costly as well as potentially deadly. The total cost per smoker is estimated at $1,097,690 in South Carolina, the least expensive state in the nation. The cost of smoking is relatively cheap in Missouri. It ranks as the eighth least expensive on WalletHub’s list, with the total cost for a lifetime of smoking of $1,177,230. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut raise the cost to more than $1.9 million per person in a lifetime. Priciest of all is Alaska, which comes in over the $2 million mark. Sure, there may be cheaper ways to buy cigarettes, like by the case. WalletHub figures are based on multiplying the average price of a pack of cigarettes in each state by the number of days in 51 years. It is likely that most people purchase cigarette by the pack. Did WalletHub increase tobacco cost estimates by calculating “the amount of return a person would have earned by instead investing that money in the stock market over the same period”? Many people don’t more likely to simply spend that money on something else, rather than invest it. WalletHub also includes other costs that many smokers never think about, like added health care expenses. Perhaps the totals are a bit inflated, but it is undeniable that smoking costs big bucks over a lifetime.

cigarette costs by state