From feeling bold
To quickly old;

old cigarette toll

From yellow teeth
to mellow wreath;

yellow cigarette toll

Rock and Roll
and pay the toll.

cigarette toll gate


Cigarette toll paid by the government pales next to the dental pain and the diseases suffered throughout the body’s organs. Public programs like Medicare and Medicaid pay for approximately sixty percent of the costs of preventable illness caused by cigarettes. In addition to the human misery cigarettes inflict, smoking is a huge burden on the nation’s health care institutions, especially those funded by the public’s tax dollars. Over 9% of Medicare spending, more than 15% of Medicaid spending and almost 33% of other government healthcare spending by sources such as the Veterans Affairs department, Tricare and the Indian Health Service are caused by smoking-related health problems. Smoking-related healthcare costs affect most types of medical care. Note that it does not generally cover dental care. The government does not provide free dental care with Medicare or Medicaid. Most people do not have dental insurance either. Millions fail to see a dentist due to cost, transportation problems or not getting needed time away from work. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 25% of Americans older than 65 have lost their teeth! And a third have serious untreated problems. For instance, many oral cancers are not caught, because there are no routine dental exams. Cancer spreads. We have provided a link for dental care provided by free clinics and through grants. While the smoker suffers with untreated dental pain, smoke continues to cycle through the entire body, through the blood stream, and causes disease in many of the body’s organs. Mass media campaigns can be effective in reducing cigarette use, but 48 million people are still smoking in the United States, today. What will it take to get all smokers to quit permanently? Cigarettes take a toll. Everyone knows that cigarettes are anything but healthy. The economic, physical, mental and emotional costs are heavily advertised by the government of the United States, who ends up paying the bulk of the cost. Quitting is up to the individual. The government cannot do that for you. Cigarette will not do that for you. The following link is provided as a tool to use in planning, starting and quitting smoking for yourself and for the benefit of others around you.

cigarette stop now.

dental care is not included.