Who says  services cannot be bad? Is tackling someone good? Is war good? Is knocking someone out of the ring good? Think of cigarette as a tool. The best thing cigarette has brought to its users is rot. Blowing smoke rings does nasty things. Decay begins in the mouth. It does not stop there. It also does not stop with the smoker. It affects others inside and out.


Those who do not believe in the enemy services of cigarette, do not have to look far to see. Cigarette greets people warmly. Everyone can see the glow, because smoking is kept outside. Tar and other chemicals in the smoke cause cancer. Cigarette would tell customers that smoke is not bad. However, those who take enough big breaths are sure to feel the effects.


Cigarette keeps customers coming back. It is called addiction. Nicotine is the reason.  Customers who cannot get enough of it may go into withdrawal. Cigarette believes customer feedback is good. For every customer who complains, 26 others remain silent. Cigarette is also silent. However, it counts noisy coughing and wheezing, as one of its enemy services.


Many people complain about the debris of butts and discarded cigarette packs. However, folks down on their luck are likely to pluck those butts from the ground or the trash. Cigarette asks that smokers perform the public services of leaving a big stash. Cigarette wants everyone to believe that litter left by smokers for other smokers is one of the world’s friendliest enemy services.


Smoking is not only the leading cause of preventable death, it is also the leading cause of death from fire. Cigarette would argue that many of those are caused by kids with lighters or matches, not by smokers. Cigarette also would place the blame on falling to sleep. Smokers should spend long hours puffing on cigarettes.


Bullets may be faster, but cigarette is a master of sickly disaster. A death that is long and slow comes with cigarette’s glow. Once cigarette takes health away, the next level is a hole and shovel. Cigarette will say burial is not the only way that it performs its enemy services. Smoking also torments the living.

Cigarette is not the right answer!


Cigarette Enemy Services:

Cigarette takes good health away and causes some fire disaster each day. For those in need of an enemy, there could be no better one than cigarette. It will raise a stink and spread decay. If this does not open your eyes, you are not being wise. With every puff you take, what a mess cigarette will make.

Preventable Illness
Preventable Cigarette Fire Victims
Preventable Cigarette Property Damage

How it Works:

Smokers may think they look swell, but it will not end well. With each big breath, cigarette leads folks to death and destruction. Cigarette is designed to stay lit until it is consumed. This means that smokers do not have to keep relighting them. It also means higher revenues for cigarette, burning in the ashtray. When cigarette drops onto the sofa or a mattress, it will smolder for 30 minutes before going up in flame. Cigarette will not take the blame for the hospital admissions or costs for treating victims of cigarette fires. Litigation related to cigarette safety may obtain better results than legislation. Cigarette is concerned about perceived customer pleasure and market share. It does not want anyone to challenge its bad record for health and safety. No good is included in its enemy services.

Second-Hand Smoke:

Non-smokers want clean air and restrictions on smoking.


Non-smokers seek to prevent the addiction of children to smoking.

Fire Safety

Can there be a fire safe cigarette?


Do not let cigarette win.



Cigarette is designed to taste, burn and smell a certain way, so smokers perceive pleasure, not danger.

Smokers, Avada

Non-smokers believe they have a right to smoke free air and to live free of the costs of cigarettes on life, property and health for themselves and for their children.

Non-smokers, Themefusion

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