That good feeling
will not last.

York-healthy good feeling

With cigarette,
good feeling goes quickly past.

York-good feeling fading

Cigarette feeling leaves a mark.

York-no good feeling.


All smoking devices contain nicotine some liquid form with flavoring to leave a good-feeling that may be as addicting and harmful as cigarettes. Despite the tragedies caused by tobacco, smokers continue to fuel big gains and big deals for cigarette giants. British American Tobacco PLC agreed to take full control of Reynolds American Inc. to gain access to the U.S. market. Outside of China, there is no better market for cigarettes. The high disposable U.S. income and a burgeoning market for alternative products create huge opportunities for the growth of this new giant. The U.S. cigarette market has grown steadily, because rising prices more than offset the decline in cigarette volumes. This merged tobacco giant will pour money into vapor products, including e-cigarettes, e-pens, e-pipes, e-hookah, and e-cigars. These products are known as ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems). The devices contain nicotine in liquid form and are flavored to leave a good feeling. When an e-cigarette is used, the liquid chemicals in the cartridge are turned into a vapor that is inhaled by the smoker. The good feeling this process generates may not be without risks. There is more information on this product in the following link.

no feeling?

The new tobacco giant will also concentrate on the development heat-not-burn devices that heat tobacco to a high temperature, vaporizing it. There is evidence that some of the processes and black crud within a burning cigarette are still present. The product is relatively new, so research is ongoing. Anti-smoking activists and public-health authorities, who seek to place more restrictions on smoking, have yet to issue full opinions on this new product. However, it is met with mixed reception within the tobacco industry, which generally stands together on their products. The following article gives some insights into the concerns.

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