Perceived pleasure
is no treasure.

perceived pleasure

Who enjoys leisure
caused by a seizure?

forced leisure

What smokers get
with each cigarette:


  • Fumefume
  • Plumeplume
  • Gloom gloom
  • Doomdoom
  • Boomboom
  • Roomroom
  • Tombtomb


Menthol cigarettes were marketed as, and were perceived by consumers to be, healthier than non-menthol cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes were also marketed to specific social and demographic groups, including African–Americans, young people and women, and were perceived by consumers to signal social group belonging. These cigarettes did not prove to be cooler or healthier than the death sticks they followed into the marketplace. Now, it is the vapor product and heat-not-burn product that is giving perceived pleasure, but not without some real danger. They also contain nicotine, which is not good for anyone. Marketing for these products attracts consumers who may not otherwise progress to regular smoking, including young, inexperienced users and those who find the stench or the stigma of ‘regular’ cigarettes to be undesirable. After all, smoking has largely been sent to outside, where the weather is not always pleasant. Such marketing may also appeal to health-concerned smokers who might otherwise quit. Smoking often is a group activity. A cool individual hooks others who want to be socially acceptable. Do you remember the move by tobacco companies from ‘regular’ cigarettes to mild or mentholated ones? Do you remember the messages? Did your impressions of the industry change with these new perceptions? As manufacturers innovate, peer review is not able to keep up. Perhaps, everyone should write your own review of the history of deception created by the tobacco industry to pull market perception away from the reality found by the consumer: death, destruction, illness, suffering, expense, stench, unattractiveness, loss, and many other negative experiences and things that are quite the opposite of pleasure. The following material should aid in analysis.

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