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This site is dedicated to the memory of our beloved mother, who lost her painful battle with cigarettes when she succumbed to lung cancer. She died on 6/25/2000 at 9:34am. She was 56 years young at the time of her tragic death due to cigarette smoking. This Philip Morris commercial claims their cigarettes to be physician-recommended for patients who smoke, because they clear up parched throats! Today, Philip Morris USA has a health notice on their website that purports to agree with the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that proves cigarette smoking to be addictive and to cause serious diseases in smokers. To their credit, the website does not sell, advertise or offer promotions for their products. Of course, the company continues to promote their “premium” tobacco products to smokers throughout the world. Philip Morris is an Altria company. We collected cigarette commercials from the tobacco industry so the world will never forget the misleading nature of these very false claims. We hope that visitors to this site will remain forever wary of present and future claims from this industry with a very sordid past. All trademarks on this site are the property of their respective owners and not of Cigarette.com.