smoking gun

At, we have amassed a collection of Smoking Guns in the form of cigarette commercials that many promoters of the tobacco industry would rather the world forget. These commercials were aired at a time when industry insiders were well aware of the health hazards associated with smoking. Our multimedia forum includes commercials starring celebrities of television, film and animated cartoons (for children), among others. These commercials target men, women and children. Our collection of videos also stars celebrities created exclusively by the tobacco industry, such  as “Marlboro Man”, “Camel Man”, “Tiparillo Man” and “Winston Man”. Many of these tobacco created stars had short and painful careers, due to the toxic nature of the products they promoted.

These Smoking Guns also include videos intended to discourage smokers or designed to help them break free of their cigarette addictions. There also are videos for non-smokers, with ideas that may be used to promote smoke-free conditions for people throughout the world. As smoking declines in the United States, it is surging elsewhere in the world. The tobacco industry goes where it can foist its toxic products on gullible and unaware innocents. It does not thrive in places where people are aware of the death and destruction caused by this industry’s products.

These smoking guns include content that is creative and somewhat light in nature (i.e. Cow Tipping), content that is scientific (i.e. Tobacco Smoke), and content that is disturbing (i.e. Hit A Cop). Since different people are motivated by different approaches, we left no holes in our collection. The goal of this multimedia site is to help others avoid the grief we suffered after losing a family member. We hope that you will help us spread the word about this anti-smoking site. Unfortunately, there remains a need to educate others about the dangers of this product.